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We need only drop back a few years and look at your actions to spin the Dan John and Mark Twight fallings-out in an attempt to make Gregg look good, despite the direct quotation of his own text denigrating both men. You are a known liar. I can point you to where you deliberately lied and attempted to mislead the Crossfit community if you wish.

Those written words, now excised from the WOD blog, still reside in specific places. Excellent job earning your six figure salary. Aiy Ca-rumba. Sad turn of events for everyone Robb. Growing pains are tough, I would hope things would be different from such a tight community. Sounds like quite the drama. I think overall, these sorts of things need to be handled in a professional manner. The quality control issue and unlimited potential number of affiliates is a problem for athletes and affiliate owners like myself. We critique, listen humbly and try to better ourselves? Robb: Eeck, such drama.

Yeah, being a business professional, they dirtied ya — regardless of anything they may have had in the works or not. Your brand will definitely live on. Keep it out there for us! What are we to do when some of the brightest and accomplished trainers and programmers in CrossFit are publicly ridiculed for holding different opinions, than HQ, that are aimed to improve the community?

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I remember when the point of all of this was to take the best of what worked and apply it. It seems we have gotten away from this, our programs and protocols should not be set in stone with any question of their efficacy seen as dissension and accused as such. You all have dedicated your time to making us better trainers and athletes…and we all owe you for it.

Robb, thank you for your Time. Robb, I was at the Black Box Summit and learned a lot from you and the other presenters. Oh Robb — I feared this kinda stuff would happen to CF someday. The sensitivity, politics and personal affronts were bound to happen. The silver lining for you? CrossFit has several outlets to share news within the community, yet somehow I imagine that this little debaucle will be left unannounced. How ironic that the one thing that could destroy CF is the very thing that made it what it is today.

Quite frankly I am crushed to hear this. I was at the Black Box Summit, and the what Robb described in the post, is exactly the way the weekend played out. There was intelligent discussion on several different modes of training. Robb and Nicki gave invaluable information on business practices, and training protocols. The presentations were simply people who are out in our field, in the trenches, giving us their years of experience and the practices that worked best for them, NOT an attack on CrossFit. Quite frankly I see no one else in this community with the knowledge, experience, and intelligence that rivals James Fitzgerald and Robb Wolf.

To simply brush aside one of these people is very disconcerting to me. Robb like I told you after the seminar the intelligent rationale and reasoning you provide for your information is refreshing, and inspiring for someone who sees himself as a rookie in this coaching game. I truly wish you the best of luck.

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You are going to be successful with or without CrossFit it, but as a member of the affiliate community I am deeply saddened to lose one of our most valuable commodities. If you are ever in Austin, TX again you have a home with us. Truly unfortunate, Robb. Robb, as you know, I have always thought that you are one of my mentors. I still have hard copies of our original ???

One of my best memories is simply the lunches in Colorado Springs where you just broke down all of this information into three literally!!! I am sorry to hear about this. It is very disappointing to me as an affiliate. I am a huge fan of Robb, Rip and have had nothing but positive encounters with Jim at Dynamax. Robb, I hope you find a way to put a nutrition cert together, I have been wanting to attend one that you taught and have kicked myself in the pants for not making it to the one you did in Austin. Your time and effort for those of us in the Community are greatly appreciated and I have always enjoyed the fact that you are so approachable.

Very sorry to hear. Unfortunately from what I hear from yourself and others within the community, professionalism from HQ is not exactly considered to be something of importance. My wife and I witnessed the entire thing. Keep up the incredible work that you are doing.

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It was our pleasure to meet and talk to you both this weekend. I attended a nutrition Cert Back in April and, no joke, it changed my outlook, my coaching, and my own training.

I am glad I got to attend when you were around, and I know you will find away to stay on the road and spread the good word. What does this mean as far as your affiliate goes? Or are you planning on letting it expire anyways? I would not be surprised if they did kick us out however.

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In their mind we would have less credibility if we are no longer an affiliate. And I apologize on behalf of my state that you had to endure this triumverate of incompetency. The quality of people that have left—and will continue to leave—far exceeds that of the people calling the shots. When you think the book will be done?? Just wondering…. Paleo Paleo Paleo…. As a Biology PhD I was skeptical of your dietary advice about a year ago coming from a zone world view , however after throughly reading everything in Pubmed and consulting my biochem texts I am convinced your methods and science are sound and my constant PRs support this.

Too bad thing went down this way. Gabe- this si all I ask of folks. Read the material, try the protocols. I do not see many people say it does not work better than anything else they have done. Honestly it surprises me sometime how well it works but the results speak for themselves. Wow Robb. That was some serious crap that went on there. I assume that all the CrossFit labels on your site will start disappearing soon? Man, what a huge mistake to make on the part of HQ. This seems to have been brewing for a long time. Sounds like Dave went there with a pre determined outcome.

Tony Budding is so transparent. Before I lost interest in journal article comments I used to always see him respond to disenting questions with a tone of arrogance that was just mind blowing. Add that to the fact that he always came back to the same broad time blah blah empirical blah blah measurable observable blah blah he really comes across as nothing more than a cultist spokesmouth. I hope he keeps posting here for nothing more than comedy relief. His opening comment about his post being censored is so telling.

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For those guys being so Libertarian and all they sure do have the Communist Dictator thing down pretty damn good. I cant comment about what happened the cert because I am sure that both sides are putting a little spin on it, however even if what actually happened is half way between both sides it was some pretty screwed up and unnecessary drama, at an event that people were paying good money to attend.

I think what crossfit HQ does not seem to understand is that not everyone is MAKING money off of crossfit, the majority of us plebs are supporting it both functionally and financially. The least we can have in return is a little professionalism. Let me know when you are having YOUR next nutrition seminar. I will make sure to attend. I feel bad for whoever has to go to the replacement and listen to a full day of the zone. Your humor and explanations for us lay people are invaluable.

Well, there goes my plans to go out to Ramona for the Nutrition cert and Kids cert duo. The main point of going West was to attend a cert run by you, the Kids cert was the cherry on the sundae. I will never understand why HQ-who in early CFJ articles promised to continue to evolve and absorb new, better ideas-is destroying relationships with anyone trying to better the community.

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