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Apparently, he left Norwegian, then I'm guessing, wanted to build his own empire, so he bought this company last year, and wow, the difference is significant, and frankly, amazing. Finding out about this made perfect sense, not to mention, gave resolution to the question at the back of my mind, wondering, whom had been hired to cause such a dramatic change. I also just read that the cruise line has been doing so well that they are adding a second ship sometime before the summer. So, they gotta be doing something right. How cool to see what can happen with the right leadership.

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I cant wait to see where they are in a few years, and I will be there on one of their newly built ships, at the bar, telling my story of watching this company grow into a star even though it was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Dumpy old ship.

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Shows about 20 minutes long. They bus in people from Ft. Lauderdale that have this thrown in as part of some package. Also for the share sales pitch.

Room Details

After paying all the parking and port fees no bargain. The price they offer is for closet sized room in bowels of ship. Staff unfriendly. Casino tiny activities listed. No one from Ships personal show up to do them. Food is not bad.

This Low-Cost Cruise Between West Palm Beach & the Bahamas is Florida's Best-Kept Secret

Went twice. Freeport is a DUMP. Nothing to do there. Can't dock there so transport u on tiny boat to island. The port has super tiny beach. Only thing to do is rent a golf cart to ride through the ghetto.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Deals

One small store. Only thing to do on boat u must be a night owl. Tip buy coconut juice containers that are made like juice box type.

Bahama Paradise Grand Celebration Cruise HONEST Review 3 day Palm Beach to Freeport

They hold 16 ounces but are small. Wise choice of you like to drink because their watered down drinks are super expensive. My advice,don't waste your time. In summer. When I complained. Because of this was told "why didn't u leave old lady at home" he was speaking about my 96 year old mother who got sick with heat stroke. Ship is run by Russian crew who have the warmth of a hive of bees. Do you think I would be able to make a flight home from this cruise PBI airport that leaves at 1pm or will that be too close?

I am going on the new boat, Grand Classica , tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes. Check the website for the service included in the concierge service. We felt it was definitely worth it and it includes priority disembarkation, so you would be have a better chance of being off the ship in time to get to your flight. We live in Jupiter. I can assure you that it should only take less than 20 minutes, maximum, to get to PBI from the port.

Will let give a detailed report when we return!!

We are in a Suite, with the concierge service, so hopefully it will be a stress-free dream! Really, really looking forward to the massages and champagne breakfasts, included with the concierge package! We knew going in it was a second-hand boat to a not-so-great port, but the price was attractive.

Because of that, we were unable to purchase any additional food, drinks, souvenirs, or use the casino the whole first night. I got up early in the morning to hit guest services with no line for the 2nd of my two 45 min calls with the bank, trying to figure it out…missing breakfast, having to go straight to our meeting for the excursion.

We used our card all day on the island just fine by the way. That was the big thing. Not kidding…it was THAT bad. Especially at customer service…trying to get them to understand the problem with running our card. And the desperation to the point of harassment by the crew to sell drink packages the first night. It was just not the relaxing or enjoyable experience that a cruise should be. That pretty much sums up our trip. My error for not searching the ship prior to purchasing, the booking agent claimed that this was the cruises maiden voyage.

That was a total misrepresentation and sales scam. The ship is by far new. I would have to say it looks at least 30 years old, and smells like it too. I did a Wikipedia search and found out it was built in So I was close, its 27 years old. Next, once you board, you can go to the buffet, which we skipped. We were lucky and able to get right to our room and promptly received our luggage OK not so bad so far The room was probably one of the biggest disappointments, I actually checked under the bed for bed bugs.

The finishes were old, cracked and there were worn elements in the bathroom, the linens were tattered and the towels looked like they came from Goodwill. The carpets were stained, the beds had dips in the centers of the mattress, and there were long black hairs in the cracks of the sheets. So then I questioned Oh and we found some belongings from a past guest under the bed. The in room fridge door was broken and dirty. We then changed and walked down to the pool area.. Photo shop and trickery made this pool look like heaven, then there is reality.

Sun faded and broken lawn chairs surrounded the pool along with cigarette burnt and stained lounging chairs. The plus side to the pool was the entertainment.

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Later that evening we went and ate at the formal seated dining room. Considering what I saw thus far, I was reluctant to even eat. The first nights menu was ok and had a nice variety. The food arrived in a timely manner and the dining room staff was pleasant and welcoming. The sommelier stopped to rehearse the wine choices.. Due to the language barrier we received dessert wine instead of what we requested.

When the food came, I would visually rate it a 5 out of Taste would be a 4 out of Desert is pretty much fool proof, so that gets an 8 out of ten. I would opt to buy water, the ship water, in my opinion was undrinkable and has a strange taste and chemical smell to it. After dinner we wondered around looking for something to do.

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Bahamas paradise cruise coupon code

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