Stripped coupon definition

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  • Stripped coupon definition.

The bank strips the coupon payments of a conventional bond or note from its principal capital sum and repackages both the coupon payments and the principal as a series of zero coupon bonds. The range of maturities match the coupon payment dates and the redemption date of the original bond.

Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms

The short term strips are bought by money managers as government bill or note substitutes; intermediate maturity strips will be used if investors believe that the yield curve will become more positive; demand is strongest for the longer maturities because these instruments have longer "duration" than the original bonds see the group "bonds with enhanced duration" for a definition of "duration" and are leveraged investments. Stripping can be "official" or "unofficial". Official strips are where an underlying issue is designated by the issuer as eligible for stripping and appoints strip dealers.

Stripped coupon definition. Glossary of Municipal Securities Terms They can be invested in IRAs and other pension accounts; however, unlike other Treasury securities, they are subject to federal taxes. Stripping a bond.

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Related Terms. Futures and options trading: Triple-option contract consisting of one call option and two put options at the same exercise price and expiration date , and for the same underlying asset. Securities trading: Separating a fixed interest bond into two new and distinct financial instruments: the corpus principal part and coupon interest part sold separately to suit the needs of different types of investors.

OECD Glossary of Statistical Terms - Stripped securities Definition

Those seeking capital appreciation buy the corpus also called principal strip , those seeking a fixed income stream buy the coupon. Called gilt strip in UK.

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What is a stripped bond?

Technical Analysis. When approaching investment in the stock market there are two very common methodologies used, fundamental analysis and technical analysis.

As with any investment strategy there are advocates and detractors of each approach. This article will explain

stripped coupon definition Stripped coupon definition
stripped coupon definition Stripped coupon definition
stripped coupon definition Stripped coupon definition
stripped coupon definition Stripped coupon definition
stripped coupon definition Stripped coupon definition

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