My groupon coupon expired

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By continuing to use our site, you accept our Privacy Policy. More information Agree. Home Discussions Misc. Unfortunately, this discussion is no longer valid. What happens if my Groupon voucher expires?

Groupon Refunds

Posted 25th May I bought a Groupon voucher for Body Shop back in Febuary, it expires today Will I get the money credited back to me or will I lose it? Community Updates. New Comment Subscribe Save for later Embed.

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  • Quote Like Permalink. I think you only get a refund if you change your mind within 7 working days. I don't think not getting around to using it will get you a refund. I agree with Steven because I love his avatar Edited by: "deleted" 25th May Why would they return your money because of your own laziness. When it arrived she sent me a photo! Wrong dog bed!!!

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    No phone for customer service anymore so I sent email. Took 5 days for first response and all the offered was a refund! I want what I ordered period. I've sent numerous emails but response seems computer generated not personal. Running out of the 14 day window please please someone help me.

    My family and i are huge Groupon people but this is crazy! I have been trying to contact groupon for 2 days , the line is always , yes always told to call back later. I have tried 5 or 6 times today. I fill in all info each time , I have more to do than try to get my problem taken care of.

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    • I use groupon a lot,but I am not going to do business with a company unless I can get this solved soon. I ordered an item and they sent me a cardboard paper in my package without the item I ordered. I've tried contacting them several times with no response. Does anyone have a solution on how to contact Groupon or get your money back?

      I am very very disappointed after ordering from them many times. I am unable to print a return shipping label for my last purchase. Very very frustrated. The purchase was for men's side zip carlos boots. They are not wide enough for my husband. Please expedite a resolution to this problem.

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      I need a return label also. Bounces me all over but what I want. Cannot find return label. This place is unbelievable. Will never use again. I could not find the return labels. The site needs to be more friendly. I have no recollection and never received anything, but was charged to my credit card. Harold Rohrbach. Hi I have ordered items over 2 weeks ago and they still not arrived how do I get a refund.

      I purchased a cranial sacral massage from Belle View Massage. Extremely disappointed. Waste of time and money. Do I have any recourse?? Purchased an Obama tee an it had six little holes that went from from through back of shirt. I purchased an ergonomic office chair and I want to return it. Having trouble finding out how to accomplish this return. Help Please. I pitched a laptop from you, no problem with delivery etc but my husband chose it and unfortunately because he is partially blind did not notice the size of the screen which is 10 inches far too small so I need to return it.

      This is now the problem I am finding it so hard to even get on you site, can you help. I need to get a refund on items I just got in.

      Use if Towards the Service or Product Purchased

      I need refund mailing label to send passage back. I did what was on the letter and cannot get the label.

      This comforter is not what I expected. I do not care for the fleece on the comforter. Groupon only credit ed This additional credit for both items should be back on my acct. ASAP I shouldn't have to go through all this. The phone I taught it was that's not the one that I was looking for. I have not stopped emailing next to these items, " like Please? I'm still waiting for my things" I purchased a refurbished HP BAx When you slide it in the slot, it runs for a second and stops. The keys freeze when I am playing games like Candy Crush and other games that are similar to Candy Crush.

      I am very disappointed and am requesting a refund. Thank you very much.

      How can I find my Groupon or LivingSocial voucher?

      Sincerely, Carolyn B Gaymon. Since groupon does not handle the returns for their 3rd party seller it's an awful situation for the consumer. My son bought a cell phone that would not work.

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