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West Ham bid farewell to the Boleyn Ground

Forbes' technique? Cold fish, cold batter, hot oil and a quick fry. The satisfying crunch sound when you break into your generous portion whets the appetite. The taste of fresh fish is enhanced by equally crispy home cut fries. The fish is served British-style, in newsprint type wrapping. Coleslaw is topped with black sesame seeds.

Mushy peas are creamy, mixed with tarragon and mint. Our seafood adventure included the Scampi and Scallops — moist and flavourful — and Spicy Szechuan Calamari. When it's on the menu, the certified organic salmon is from Cape d'Or Truro, N. Too much information? Forbes is passionate about helping patrons learn more about seafood, and his "brand" values fish being traceable, sustainable and fresh; as well as disease-, parasite-, chemical-, hormone-, antibiotic- and GMO-free. He is starting small but has exciting goals; inspired by the Honest Weight shop in Toronto, he hopes to one day become your local fish monger.

Dining on-site gives you time to notice contents of the freezers. You can buy frozen seafood — what Forbes is using and, when we visited, Lake Huron trout and ahi tuna from Baja California in Mexico. Then there are the "Crafted with Love" frozen, take-home soups. The Acadian Chowder with salmon, haddock and halibut is creamy white, while the Manhattan Chowder is tomato based — both generous with large chunks of fish.

Forbes describes this as a close cousin of bouillabaisse from Marseille — another nod to his experience with French cuisine. Put off by the complexity of making a bisque, I can now simply buy his, garnish with shrimp or scallops and impress my guests. Lastly, a quick mention of other menu items: Sri Lankan-style fish curry; poutine, classic or crab; and ice cream sundaes for dessert.

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Instagram announces daily specials, occasionally crab cakes or a chance to order lobster. Once, they featured smelts. With memories of smelt fishing with my dad on the Burlington beach strip, I'll be looking forward to the reappearance of that feature. Add segments to your route and race them with real-time feedback.

Get a weather forecast pre-ride, wind data on the route and a head's up for rain. Post-ride wind, power and speed data is correlated to give you a better understanding of your training session. A whole new standard for training planning, workouts are preloaded on your bike, if you miss one the plan adjusts. Integrate your indoor and outdoor training data. Visualize the heart-rate and power output of everyone in your ride group.

Get instant feedback on the relative strain of your team. Find ride groups and training friends in your city, match with cyclists at your level and make group rides easier.

Music Storage and Playback Hammerhead will incorporate 3rd party music apps like Spotify to enable some music capability. Good overall. The Garmin mount maybe doesn't feel like the perfect choice for a computer this heavy. It's been dropped a couple of times, a bit of superficial damage but no issues, and five hours in the rain didn't throw up any waterproofing problems. It's expensive but you're getting a lot for your money. I'd buy one, though I might wait for the hardware update next year.

Powerful, easy to use, great screen, excellent routing options, good battery life, frequent updates means it's constantly getting better. Functionality is currently limited, no hardware beep, bulky, Garmin mount maybe not the best for a unit this big. How does the price compare to that of similar products in the market, including ones recently tested on road. It's in the same ballpark as other top-end computers such as the Garmin Edge and the Xplova X5 Evo.


The Karoo really is a lovely bit of kit, and it's getting better all the time. At some point it might sneak up to full marks. It's not quite there yet. I usually ride: whatever I'm testing Dave is a founding father of road. He also writes about e-bikes for our sister publication ebiketips. He's won three mountain bike bog snorkelling World Championships, and races at the back of the third cats. How this wasn't a Day One release feature is mind-boggling. It also seems odd that it still has the "pre-release" discount and is still talking about ramping up to full production levels over the next few months they have been saying that for over a year now.

Looks nice.

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Google's cycle routing is frankly pants. On holiday in France last year over the course of a few days I had it take me up a canal towpath that consisted of deep sand and brambles on steroids, down some dirt "road" that consisted of 6 inch deep mud nice fine abrasive mud too - made mincemeat of my brake pads , and finally tried to turn me down a non-existent alley through a forest.

I was on my Croix de Fer so reasonably equipped but would have been toast on a road bike. It has no differentiation over the routes either so if it's not an official road there's no way of having any idea what lies ahead. I'm presuming they just cobble them together from satellite imagery.

It not perfect, but it get better all the time. Data screen presentation is good. A little unfair in my opinion, but a fact of life if you share the development issues so openly. I see that the Garmin mount seems to be attached by a screw, so there's presumably scope for other mounts, Quad Lock for example, to be used. Early backers were promised a device full of initial functionality. It was so unstable that it basically didn't work. We've been promised a ton of things by senior management way over six months ago that still haven't been delivered. No live tracking and not even on their published roadmap.

We were promised improved map screen contrast a point noted in the review over six months ago - guess what?

vidaXL Hammerhead Shark Cuddly Toy Plush Grey

It's still not here. No bike profiles to enable you to move the Karoo easily to a different bike. Downloaded map areas are incredibly slow and clunky, and you can't even see what the area covers.

No ability to order your routes on the device and no way to search them, leading to painful scrolling. No way to resize data fields and make proper use of the best feature the screen , leading to tons of wasted space. The list goes on. It's very disappointing that this review seems to have paid no due diligence to the track record of the development of this device, and places blind faith in Hammerhead to deliver all sorts of things that they said they would do but have failed to do.

I've had a Karoo right from when they started shipping to the UK back in about March. While there have been some irritating issues, my Karoo is now working perfectly and is very reliable. I don't have a powermeter but I understand the associated issues are about to be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

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This bike computor is proving to be just what I need and I am glad I have stuck around with it. Perhaps I should have been clearer. I'm referring to be able to set wheel size on a bike profile, for moving to a bike with different size wheels or even just tyres. Right now you have to manually change the wheel circumference in the settings on Karoo when moving to a different bike it doesn't have auto-calibration for this. How does it compare in the rain with a Garmin or ?

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My Garmin generally goes haywire and eventually locks up when I ride an hour or more in the rain. I want to know exactly how far I travel along the sinuous curves that my bicycle takes, not the zugzag trail of straight lines that the GPS calculates. Even if the actual difference is only three fifths of bugger all! I have been in the software business for 25 years and believe the company is spending software development time on useless endpoint details verses shoring up basic functionality.

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I bought it for new routes yet I have constant route programming error on their website, So much so I gave up route planning. This "Work in Progress" will take years, meanwhile, their competitors keep moving the bar higher. Additionally, the maps function and cellular Sim card are useless, they don't work.

Extremely good and helpful review, I have a question though. I want to use either the Hammerhead Karoo or the Sigma Rox 12 both of these got high reviews and can't decide which of the two is the best, have you tested the Sigma Rox 12, and if so which of the two would be the best for use while cycle touring in America and Canada?

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