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But wait! There, in the middle of the aisle, was a tower of candy boxes, razored open and overflowing with cheap sweets.

But it was blocking the aisle — a deadly error in his view. Worse are the managers who deliberately create cul-de-sacs by closing off the back of an aisle with goods.

Dollar Store in Fishers, IN

The idea, Hamilton explained, is to create a kind of primal experience and a certain meditative flow. At one point in the tour, Hamilton spotted patches of bare shelf space and was practically ashamed. His model store was committing egregious mistakes. He dashed to a single barren metal hook and pointed in horror. And always keep the higher part of the shelves engorged with product. Hamilton advised that products should be hung in vertical strips so that in a walk up the aisle, the eye can distinguish one item from the next.

We arrived to a back wall covered entirely in plastic, pillar after pillar of household cleaning supplies, a kaleidoscopic blaze of primary colors. Bob Hamilton was one happy man. In many cases the cartons there have not been unpacked! You are getting the product direct from the anonymous large-scale producer. You have bagged the deer: you have your carton of 36 rolls of toilet paper. View all New York Times newsletters.

As strange as sociological metaphors sound in this context, this is very close to how the corporate chain executives describe the next stage of dollar-store evolution, as they try to please their new, more affluent customer. Both Dollar General and Family Dollar are moving toward uniformity in their design and layout, throwing off the serendipity that came of buying random lots and salvage goods and was so admired by, say, crafts bloggers.

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As a result, the design of the store is no longer catch-as-catch-can but built around groupings of products that all make sense for the mission-oriented hunter. Toys, wrapping paper and gift cards, for instance, are laid out in a logical sequence that has been revealed by elaborate customer research and designed with precision. Same inventory, same layout, same experience — from coast to coast. As all these stores expand into really cheap food, they are creating their own store brands. Just as A. What does all this mean for the independent dollar stores?

Is there a place for them in the evolving dollar-store economy?

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There is, but only if they are willing to hustle for pennies. I called JC Sales, one of the big warehouse suppliers of independent dollar stores located south of Los Angeles, and talked to Wally Lee, director of marketing and technology. He agreed there was little room for error now. If I wanted to open a dollar store, I asked him, where would he suggest I locate it?

And how large should my new store be? In other words, even as the corporate chains standardize their inventory and planogram their stores down to the last Wow shammy, the independents flourish by retaining a Bob Hamilton-like sensibility — the sense that the market is in motion — with managers buzzing about the store, constantly tweaking the inventory, moving stuff around, ordering things that people request, changing the lineup again, trying out a different placement, listening, yakking and hand-trucking more product onto the floor. The streamlining of the big dollar stores opens up, for other outlets, their original source of cheap merchandise: distressed goods, closeouts, overstock, salvage merchandize, department-store returns, liquidated goods, discontinued lines, clearance items, ex-catalog stock, freight-damaged goods, irregulars, salvage cosmetics, test-market items and bankruptcy inventories.

This secondary market supplies another stratum of retail chains below the dollar-store channel, one of the best known being Big Lots.

It was marked by only a sign on the road. The store itself was an unadorned massive warehouse, with not even a sign over the door, a Euclidean concrete cube painted a bright lime green with lemon yellow trim. As we entered, a scruffy man exited, pushing a busted cart — each palsied wheel pulling in a different direction — into a busy parking lot brimming with older-model automobiles.

Inside, the store could not have been more spare, a decrepit imitation of a standard suburban grocery store. Exposed warehouse ceilings above, and below, an unfinished shop floor occupied by metal industrial shelving with aisles wide and deep enough to forklift in the goods.

Here is where food products minutes away from expiration hover, on the cusp of becoming compost. A pallet of giant restaurant-grade cans formed a giant ingot of eggplant in tomato sauce. Hamilton examined the cans, each dented and dinged, labels torn — all still sitting on a wooden pallet, partly in its shrink-wrap. There were sparse fruits and vegetables and rows of salvaged canned goods.

Scattered throughout and along the sides were whatever else had been left behind at the dollar stores and then the closeout stores and maybe even the thrift shops — dozens of princess night lights, a single mattress leaning against a wall, a pallet of car oil, an array of carpets, a thousand boxes of the same generic cornflakes, a leaf blower.

Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. Site Navigation Site Mobile Navigation. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. Invalid email address. DollarTree is going to start adding products that cost more than a dollar??!? My balling on a budget days will soon be over. This is backwards, there is nothing in any of those stores worth more than a buck and thus Dollar Tree is the best.

What an idiot!

20 Things You Can Buy At The Dollar Store To Save Money

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Send her a message! Why would you do this. I am upset that Dollar tree is raising prices. When you have so many people on a fixed income and like the fact you can go to a store that stuff only a dollar. But now the company wants to change the prices. Hell Dollar general cost almost as much as Walmart. I feel for people on fixed income and everyone else who trying to safe a little.

Deals nothing over a dollar store
Deals nothing over a dollar store
Deals nothing over a dollar store
Deals nothing over a dollar store
Deals nothing over a dollar store

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